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Can toilet be converted to pooja room?

According to vastu, the toilet shouldn’t share a wall with other rooms in the house as it could create a negative vibe. According to vastu, the shower area should be in the east, north and north-eastern part of the bathroom.

How can I arrange my pooja at home?

If you want to build a pooja room, you should use the North-eastern, East or the North directions. These directions are believed to be the most important. The pooja rooms should not be placed beneath the staircases or next to the toilets.

Which door is best for pooja room?

There are a lot of reasons why wooden doors are preferred. Wood being a vastu- compliant material is the most important. It is assumed that wooden is steeped in the tradition of India.

Can we keep idols in pooja room?

The east and west are where the idols should be. It should not go towards the north or the south. There shouldn’t be more than 3 inches in the size of idols at home. There should be no idols facing each other and statues should be removed if they are broken.

Can pooja be next to kitchen?

It’s possible to put the mandir in the living room or the kitchen, but make sure it’s in the northeast direction of your house. A new date has been set for 16. It doesn’t make sense to have a mandir in the bedroom. In the north-eastern part of the bedroom is where it should be installed.

Can pooja room and bathroom have common wall?

The walls of the bathroom should not be the same as the wall of the kitchen. The door of the kitchen or toilet should not be faced by the door of the Puja Room. The uja should be done in either direction. North facing is good for career, business and finance, while East facing is good for mental peace.

Which side should God face at home?

The god should be put in either east or north-eastern direction. The idols have to be kept at a certain height. The face of God should be to the west and the face of worshipper should be to the east.

Can pooja room have windows?

Doors and windows can be found in the North or East wall of the ojp room. If windows are not possible, bright artificial light is needed.

Can pooja room have single door?

A door is not good for a pooja room. The energies inside a pooja room can be weakened if there is no door. It is not advisable to have just one door.

Which God image should be kept in pooja room?

The best place to keep god photos or the idols is the east or the north, as the person performing the pooja must not face the south. God photos or idols should be kept out of the way.

Is glass door good for pooja room?

A glass door for a pooja room will make the space more functional and inviting, due to the fact that glass easily reflects more light.

Can we use glass in pooja room?

Don’t make temples that are made of glass. There shouldn’t be a lot of temple space. The temple’s idols are considered inauspicious if they are cracked or damaged. Two-shutter doors made of wood are recommended by the house of prosperity.

Can pooja room have glass doors?

Picking a door design can make it hard to choose a closed pooja room. The most practical option for pooja room doors is to use glass and wood. Need to come up with a new idea?

Which colours give positive energy?

Positive energy is brought into your environment by the color pink. The fire element has a bright yellow colour. Light shades are part of the earth element. The Sun is the ultimate source of positive energy because it is the center of everything.

Is white color good for pooja room?

A positive space to relax and connect with a higher being can be built if you choose white from a set of pooja room paint colors. The function of a pooja room as a spiritual space can be enhanced by the fact that it is white.

Which God image should not be kept at home?

The back part of the god’s statue should not be seen in a temple or anywhere else in the house. From the front, you should be able to see the idol. It’s not considered good to look at the back of a deity.

How can we hang the image of God in pooja room?

The east or north side of the house of worship is where the idols and pictures of the goddess and deity should be placed. The worshiper will face towards the south if they face the idols towards the north.

Which God should not be placed at home?

The angry incarnation of Lord Shiva is known as Nataraj. Natraj’s idols should not be in the house. There is unrest in the house because of this. In keeping the worship in the house, it is advisable to avoid the idol of the sun god.

Can we keep mirror in pooja room?

If you want to sit and meditate in the prayer room, it’s important that you have a calm and quiet room with no mirrors in it.

Can we keep fridge in front of pooja room?

The kitchen should not be above a bathroom, a bedroom or a pooja room. Refrigerators should not be kept in the north-eastern direction.

Why pooja room should not be in kitchen?

When a single door is opened, it will take up more space and make it difficult to move around in the kitchen.

Can we face north while doing pooja?

The god’s face should be towards the north-eastern part of the country. It is believed that it is good to face the north-east, north or east when praying.

Which stone is best for pooja room granite or marble?

Granite is more stain resistant than marble and can be found in many designs. There is a downside to granite, it is very slippery. If you have elders in your home, granite flooring is not a good idea.

Can we use granite for pooja room?

Granite can be re- polished to get it back to its former glory. You won’t have to worry about the pooja room once you build it in granite. It’s a good idea to make a simple pooja corner with granite stone.

What should be in front of main door?

There should be something in front of the main door. Positive energy can come from a clean house. The main door is a good place to keep broken chairs and stools.

Can we keep God in bedroom?

If you don’t have a lot of space, the mandir should be in the kitchen. If that doesn’t work out, the mandir can only be found in the northeast direction of the bedroom. There are a few things that you should not do when making a pooja room in the bedroom.

What should be the size of pooja room?

Two or three people can comfortably pray in an enclosed puja room if it is at least 7 feet high. Only homes with a carpet area over 1500 square feet can accommodate this size of a room.

Can pooja room upstairs?

The best location for the ojp room is the ground floor, where it can be rested on mother earth directly. If you can’t do it for some reason, you may as well have a room on the second floor but make sure it’s in the Northeast corner.

Where should the temple be placed at home?

Everything will fall in place if the Mandir is placed in the North-East. Also, pray while facing East.

Which metal is good for pooja room?

If you use items made of soil, clay, silver, copper, or gold, it will be considered good for use in a puja. These items are easy to receive positive waves. It is possible to use copper, brass or stone objects because of the high cost of gold and silver.

Can we put plants in pooja room?

If you want to decorate the house with positive vibes, you need to place the indoor plants, glass items and other items as per vastu. Positive vibes and energy can be brought to the house by the location of your puja room.

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