How Much Is Wooden Wardrobe In Nigeria?

What is the price of wardrobe?

A basic fitted wardrobe with two swing doors and no add-ons costs between 21,000 and 25,000, while a sliding door wardrobe costs between 60,000 and 67,000.

Which type of wardrobe is best?

A sliding wardrobe is a great choice for a modern day look. A sliding door wardrobe is possible with two to four doors. This is the best way to maximize your bedroom space.

How much does wood work cost?

The carpentry rates for veneer finish cabinets range from 2000 to 2500 per square foot, while the rates for laminate finish cabinets range from 1200 to 1500 per square foot.

Which wardrobe is best wooden or Aluminium?

It is cheaper to make a kitchen out of wood than it is to make a cabinet out of aluminum. The cost per year for aluminum cabinets is less than it would be if they were wooden.

Which color is best for wardrobe?

Light wood finish, neutrals and whites are some of the most popular wardrobe colors. When a room takes up a lot of space, it’s a good idea to use colors that look sleek. The room has a spacious feel because of the light reflected by the colors.

Which type of door is better for wardrobe?

Swing doors are doorways where the shutter is attached to the closet and the hinges are on. These are the usual choices for a wardrobe. There are hinges on the doors that can work with the wardrobe. L shaped, triangular and pentagonal corner closets are included.

What is the standard size of wardrobe?

The depth of most wardrobe cabinets is 24 inches, but can be as small as 18 or 12 inches. Standard height is usually around 72 inches. Depending on the width, it can be between 24 and 96 inches.

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How do you estimate furniture?

The amount of work needed insqft is the first thing to be calculated. The height and width of each component are taken into account. If you have a wardrobe that is 7 ft tall and 5 ft wide, the total sq ft of furniture is 35 sq ft.

Which wood is best for almirah?

Solid wood and plywood are good for furniture like almirah because of their strength and resilience. The smooth finish of fine grain wood makes it easier to craft and personalize furniture.

Which Colour almirah is best?

The best colors to use for your almirah are neutrals, light wood finishes and whites, as they make your bedroom look more spacious, sleek and bright.

Which almirah is best for home?

It is a good idea to choose wooden or iron almirahs. The negative energy in your home can be observed by wood.

What is the difference between wardrobe and cupboard?

A cupboard is a piece of furniture with doors that are open. A wardrobe is a piece of furniture that has a lot of space to hang clothes.

Which side should wardrobe face?

The South-west is where the best direction for wardrobe placement can be found. The south-west direction is a good location for a wardrobe in a bedroom. Positive energy can be increased by it. The doors of the wardrobe can be used to harmonise energy.

Which plywood is best for bedroom wardrobe?

If the wardrobe is going to be 7 feet tall, plywood is the best material to use. ‘Block Board’ is the best choice if the wardrobe is more than 7 feet.

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Is aluminum cheaper than wood?

The cost of wood is usually less expensive than aluminum. Natural materials are used to make wood, so it’s not harmful to the environment.

Which cupboard is best wooden or iron?

If you’re talking about cupboards, it’s better to have iron cupboards embedded and polished to look like the real thing. The iron or steel cupboards have a longer life than the wooden ones.

Is MDF good for wardrobes?

The wood is hammered down into sheets to make the board. The surface is smooth and even since fine particles are used to make it. It’s the best material to paint on.

What are the 3 types of wood?

Soft wood, hardwoods, and engineered wood are some of the types. There are a number of ways in which each of the different wood types can be utilized.

How deep should my wardrobe be?

The wardrobe’s standard depth is 60 cm. You can find depth options between 50 cm to 70 cm in most wardrobe manufacturers. If you have a small room, the 50 cm option may be the best option.

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