In Which Direction We Should Keep Beeruva?

Which direction should almirah be placed?

Place the almirah in the Northeast or Southwest corner if you want it to be in the bedroom. Mirrors in or around the bedroom is not a good idea if you are putting an almirah there. The almirah should not face your bed. If you want to open the door of the almirah, you should go East and South.

Which side should locker face?

The best place to put a locker is in the North zone. The locker should open in the North if it faces North. The zone of Lord Kuber is known as the North.

Which is Kubera corner?

There are negative things in the northeast corner of the house that should be taken out.


Can mirror be placed facing south?

It’s possible to place a mirror facing south to reflect on the chest. It would be beneficial to keep a mirror near a locker. The mirror needs to be at least 4 to 5 feet above the floor. The shape of a mirror should be rectangular or square.

Can we place almirah in north east direction?

It is recommended that you place the almirah in the Northeast or Southwest corner of the bedroom. Mirrors facing the bed are considered to be bad luck.

Can we keep locker in south?

The locker should be to the South of the room. The front of the locker should face the North wall while the back of it should face the South wall. This is a good place for a locker to be located.

Where can I put tijori at home?

If you keep the locker facing the south side of the wall, it will be easier to see in the north. The vault known as Tijori is very special for all. It’s important to place it in a way that will bring in more money.

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Which side should Kubera face?

The abode of Gods and Goddess, the world and heaven, is owned and controlled by Kuber. It is necessary to put him in the North because his dwelling is supposed to be in the Himalayas.

Which is Kubera moola?

The north-eastern part of Lord Kuber’s rule is considered to be the Kuber direction. Toilets, shoeracks, and bulky furniture must be removed as soon as possible because of the evil energy they collect.

How do I activate my wealth corner?

The wealth corner of your room can be activated by placing purple accessories or furniture, a green houseplant, and a small fountain. A lot of prosperity would be brought to the house if the wealth corner of the room was activated.

Where should money be kept in the house?

One way to ensure financial stability is to grow your wealth in the south-west corner of the house. You must keep your jewellery, money and important financial documents in the south-west, facing north or north-eastern.

Which wall is best for mirror?

Mirrors should never be on the south or west walls of the house.

Can mirror face east?

Mirrors should not face either direction. Positive energy entering from the north or east may be reflected in this picture. Mirrors shouldn’t be used in bedrooms for a good sleep. If there is a mirror in the bedroom, it should not be in front of the bed.

Can we keep mirror facing west?

There is a mirror on the West wall. The shape of the mirror needs to be circular.

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What should be kept in south east corner of house?

As the south east corner is where the fire God is located, having a Vastu item that symbolizes fire is an effective remedy to overcome all the dangers caused by the doshas. There is a sun on the wall in the south east corner.

What should be kept in north west corner of house?

The north west corner of the house has a support sign on it. The north west corner of the house is where light weight items should be kept. Positive energy will roll into your space if you place agate stones, crystal or conch in this direction. The family’s wealth and status can be improved by moderate weight.

Can we place wardrobe on east wall?

Leaving the north-eastern, south-eastern, north-west corners, east and north directions of the room is what it should be placed in. The colors that are used for the almirah should not distract you. The bedroom is always better with light colors. Mirrors on the almirah are not recommended.

Which direction should a sofa be placed?

As the maximum sunlight we receive in our home is from east, the sofa sets should face east or south. If you want to place your TV unit/cabinet in the south-eastern direction, it’s the best place to do it.

How can I increase my luck as per Vastu?

Abundance and wealth can be found on the north- east side. The inflow of money and energy can be hampered by trees in the north. The main entrance of the house has positive energy entering it.

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Where do you put Kuberan?

There is a question about where to put the idol in the house. There is a statue at home that should be placed in the North direction. You should keep the yantra in the north, east or both directions of the house.

Can we sleep in Kubera moola?

If you sleep in a way that keeps your head in a straight line, your face will be towards the North-East when you wake. If you keep in mind that while getting up, your face should never be to the south direction, then the blessings of the god of wealth will always be on you.

Which direction should Lakshmi face at home?

The photo of goddess Laxmi should be placed in the north/ north-eastern direction of the room you are in.

Where is the money corner in a room?

You can use the wealth area of your bedroom or office as a place to work. The main door of the bedroom or office is where you would stand to look in. You can find the wealth corner in your bedroom or office. What’s happening in the wealth area should be noticed once you’ve found it.

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