Why Does The Wardrobe Lead To Narnia?

He and Polly have been friends for a very long time. The wardrobe in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is built using the wood that was blown down by a storm when the mature tree was still alive.

Why did the wardrobe take them to Narnia?

There has been history. Professor Kirke commissioned the wardrobe around the time of the Second World War. It goes back many years to the time when Digory was in Narnia. Aslan sent Digory to retrieve an apple from a magic tree in order to return it to him.

What do the coats in the wardrobe turn into when transitioning to Narnia?

The fur coats that are hanging in the wardrobe turn into prickly fir trees. There is still a feeling of wonder.

Why did Susan Pevensie stop believing Narnia?

Peter and Susan are told in the Prince Caspian novel that they won’t return to Narnia because they’re too old. In the last book of the series, The Last Battle, Susan is said to be interested in nothing except nylons and lipstick.


Is the professor Mr Tumnus dad?

The Professor has been to Narnia before, but Mr. Tumnus’ father isn’t the Professor. Tumnus’ father fought for the gay community.

What is the movie Narnia based on?

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is the first published and second chronological novel in C. S. Lewis’s books and is the basis for the 2005 fantasy film The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

What was the meaning of Narnia?

There is an imaginary land of strange people and talking animals in a series of seven children’s books.

How does The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe relate to the Bible?

The Stone Table is symbolic of the end of law and the beginning of freedom in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

What is an important quote from Narnia?

There is a kind of wonder that makes you want to do more. It’s too bad to waste time with jokes. If you are a king or queen of Narnia, you will always be a king or queen. No one is too poor to buy the noble death because it is a treasure.

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How is The Chronicles of Narnia related to the Bible?

Lewis uses Christian symbolism in his books. The four Pevensie children are closely related to the four apostles of Jesus.

Where did the wardrobe come from?

Warderobe, wardereube and garderobe are Old French words that mean “to keep, to guard” and “garment”, respectively. A wardrobe is a place to keep your clothes.

Who does Susan marry in Narnia?

Susan was well-loved by her subjects and had many foreign admirers during the Golden Age of Narnia. They enjoyed a lot of banquets and jousts during their reign. Susan was proposed to by Prince Rabadash of Calormene.

Why does Aslan grow with Lucy?

Lucy said that he was bigger. He said that was due to you being older, little one. Is it because you are? I can’t say I’m not. You will find me bigger as you get older. C. S. has a gem that I adore.

Who did Peter Pevensie marry?

The story is set after they become kings and queens of narnia and the wife of the high king is the daughter of aslan.

Who is Mr. Tumnus in the Bible?

Tumnus are Judas’s best friends. He initially betrayed Aslan because he wanted to abduct Lucy. After Aslan came to him in the fire, he froze to death. The apostle Peter is represented by a man named Peter.

Who does Peter represent in Narnia?

He is a representation of St. Peter and leads the armies at Aslan’s appointment in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Peter is the ideal leader for Narnia because of his courage, maturity, and deep respect for Aslan.

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Is Narnia set in ww1 or ww2?

World War II was the worst conflict of all time. Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy go to Professor Kirke’s house in the first book because of this conflict.

Is The Chronicles of Narnia about Jesus?

The biblical allusions that Aslan is symbolic of Christ are not the only ones that matter in the series. Ward said that Christ was present in the story in two different ways.

Is Narnia based on Christianity?

It has sold over 100 million copies and is considered a classic of children’s literature. The series borrows characters and ideas from Greek and Roman mythology, as well as British and Irish folklore.

What does the fox represent in Narnia?

The fox is a representation of people who don’t seem to be religious, but who are willing to give up their lives for the sake of their beliefs, like the person pictured. Jesus, God, and the goodness of the world are all represented by Aslan.

What is Peter Pan’s catchphrase?

It will be a big adventure if you die. All the world is made of faith. Don’t say goodbye because goodbye and going away are not the same thing. You stop being able to do it when you doubt whether or not you can fly.

What do they say at the end of Narnia?

I’m a part of this place. I’ve been looking for this land for all my life, but I’ve never seen it until now.

Why is the lion Jesus Narnia?

The seven books of theChronicles of Narnia have only one character, Aslan. The author claims that Aslan is the Lion and the Lamb, and that Jesus Christ is represented by him.

What do the 7 swords in Narnia represent?

The Seven Swords were created by Aslan during the Golden Age of Narnia. They were once owned by the Seven Lost Lords, which Caspian and the crew of the Dawn Treader had been searching for. There were magical properties to each sword.

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Who is the old man at the end of Narnia?

Professor Kirke was a man from London who had traveled to Narnia when he was a child. He was notable for being a famous learned man, a great traveller, and one of the only two people who witnessed the creation and destruction of the book.

What does the professor throw Peter at the end of Narnia?

Peter told the Professor that he wouldn’t believe if he told the Pevensies what they were doing in the wardrobe after they left the movie.

Why are there no more Narnia movies?

The Mark Gordon Company got acquired while it was still in development, and the new studio didn’t want to sink in the funds to make it happen properly, which is why The Silver Chair was put on hold. The first film was great because of Disney’s support.

Why did Lucy stay back in the room after everyone left?

There was only one thing left in the room, a blue bottle on the window. They all trooped out again, except for Lucy. She stayed behind so she could try the door of the wardrobe, even though she was almost certain it would be locked.

What crime did Edmund commit in Narnia?

Edmund lied to himself so that he could betray his siblings. Edmund is like Judas, the trusted member of the inner circle who ends up being a traitor.

Why is Mr. Tumnus not in Prince Caspian?

The events of Prince Caspian take place over a thousand years after Mr. Tumnus died. Time in the movie is not the same as in real life.

What is the purpose of wardrobe?

A large cupboard, usually equipped with drawers, a mirror, and other devices, is used to store clothes.

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